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RTQE is a Sunday evening program of electronic, experimental, classical, and improvised conduct for survivors or the 20th century hosted by Gregory Taylor which has aired since 1986 on Sunday evenings on WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin.

As of July, 2012, all WORT-FM programmers were told to move their playlists to Spinitron. Since I'm a good citizen, you'll find weekly playlists by clicking here, choosing a date, and then clicking on the link for my show.

RTQE programs are available online for two weeks after the date of broadcast. Click here to locate an archived broadcast and listen at a time convenient to you. If you've got a serious fetish for real-time or synchronicity, RTQE is available as a live high bandwidth (96 kbs) streaming webcast right here.

Click here to see the RTQE Best of 2012 list.

If pressed, I think of this program in terms somewhat analogous to these.

In addition to your financial support, listener-sponsored community radio also benefits from the engagement of your sensibilities. If you've got any questions or suggestions, click here to send me mail.

If you're an artist or label person who's stumbled onto this page and perused the playlist and are currently thinking, "Hmmm - this looks like a program that might actually program the work that I do/handle...." your submissions are welcome. Click here for a contact address.

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